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Dog Walking Plans for
City Parents

How it Works

Discover how our dog walking plans can be personalized to fit your lifestyle.

Step 1

Choose a Plan

Need three walks a week? Ten walks? Maybe just once? Select your days and time slots. Don’t worry, you can always change it later.

Step 2

Meet & Greet

Want to meet your dog walker ahead of time? No problem! Let us know and we’ll set up a meeting time for your walker and your dog.

Step 3

The Dog Walk

Your dog is taken out for a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood and comes home happy! Bonus: Walkers feed your dog if you need them to.

Step 2

Photos and Updates

Your dog walker notifies you when they’ve started and ended the walk. They also send photos of the adventures they have!

Discover the Plan

With a dog walking plan you can choose and manage your dog walking schedule however you need. It’s never been easier to walk you dog!

Ready to get started?
Choose your plan.

Available in Select NYC Neighborhoods
Williamsburg | Greenpoint | Carroll Gardens | Cobble Hill | Bushwick (Manhattan coming soon!)


3 walks

$60.00 / week Subscribe


5 walks

$100.00 / week Subscribe


10 walks

$200.00 / week Subscribe

Have questions?

  • How do I start my weekly dog walking plan?

    Dog walking plans are subscription based. Which means, your plan is renewed weekly but you can cancel at any point. Our confirmation email will guide you through our on-boarding process, from granting your walker access to exclusive “members only” amenities.

  • How many dogs are walked at a time?

    One-on-one sessions are our specialty and we only walk up to to dogs at a time if they are well acquainted or live together. Some of our dog walkers may band together after determining your pups compatibility with other dogs in the neighborhood. Some dogs are more social than others, obviously, so until we get to know them better they get our undivided attention.

  • How can I cancel or skip a week?

    Log into your account and click ‘Cancel,’ it’s that simple. Or click ‘skip’ to bypass the week.

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